Hello folks!

New to this forum, but have been reading it for about 2 months! Excellent content!!!
By way of introduction, I have had on my bucket list for years a wooden boat restoration. That dream is coming true, due to a recent gift (from my wife and a couple of really good friends) of a drift boat. Combines my love of fly fishing with the above dream. I grew up on wooden power boats. My grandfather had 3 over the course of my life. It was his passion. A master mechanic and carpenter he passed that passion on to me of all things wood. (I've attached a pic of the one I spent most of my time on.)

This new boat I want to restore as a tribute to him. In advance, any advice/counsel will be much appreciated. Thank you!!

This is the first of, I'm sure, many questions.

Having done hatches, toe rails, etc. on a couple of sailboats, my previous method was to strip to bare wood, then do a gradual build of varnish/thinner mix. I believe I started with a 20% varnish/80% thinner mix building gradually inverting the ratio and finishing with 2 coats of 100% varnish. 8 maybe 9 coats. That said, it was a while back, after doing some research there seems to be a number of new products and a variety of opinions.
Would love t have some advice: quick dry? One part? Two part? Total Coat? Selkins? Epifanes?

Stripping the entire boat down to raw wood. Will keep the dark green paint on the exterior hull. Other than that will be completely stripped, repaired and revarnished. Already making some good progress! Other than being on the river with a rod in my hand, having more fun than a man should.

Dedicated to taking my time and doing it right! Again thanks in advance for all and any advice! I've attached a couple of pics of the boat as well.

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Peter, use the search function located at the top right-hand corner of the main page. Ask a question like "what kind of varnish should I use? " and How should I prepare my boat for varnishing?" The questions have been asked and answered before. There are lots of opinions on varnish. read through them and see what makes sense to you. Post here again if you have questions after visiting the Search function.

Rick Newman



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