Well I went ahead and skipped some of the boring pictures (I took a bunch) and went right in to the good pictures with noticable progress.  I got all the bulkheads cut then went to work sanding the inside of the hull down so I could epoxy them all in place.  Once the bulkheads were in solid I took out the original seats. I left them in to help hold the hulls shape throughout the work. I also got to work fitting the rear deck and starting to work on the most forward edge of it's connection to the bulkhead.

I still have to finish doing the epoxy fillets and finish the seams with 4" fiberglass tape.  I did more work with the fitting of the rear deck... the lines are pretty tricky so I did alot of work with cardboard templates to get it right.  If it looks a little crooked part of that is that it's a mock up and the other part is that the transom is cut at a slight angle.  One of those little funny things about having an old boat, when doing my measuring I also discovered that the oar blocks are off from one another by just over an inch.

I worked out my spare oar slot from some of the cut off pieces of plywood. Pretty happy with how it came together.

I am really proud of my planning and how efficient it has allowed me to be with the plywood.  I'm just now glassing the 3rd sheet for the top decks of the center part of the boat.  I was able to get all my pieces so far out of just 2 sheets:  all the bulkheads, the front hatch, and the rear hatch including its side pieces that I haven't done final fitting on.  I'm going to have to take a picture of the scraps pile after the whole thing is done!

Quality control swung by to make sure everything was up to sniff!...

Here's the end result of my weekend's labors.  Do some panel fitting and hatch frame work this week and hit it hard again on the weekend.  Getting to where I'm thinking about interior color!

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