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More Dory Progress

Well I went ahead and skipped some of the boring pictures (I took a bunch) and went right in to the good pictures with noticable progress.  I got all the bulkheads cut then went to work sanding the inside of the hull down so I could epoxy them all in place.  Once the bulkheads were in solid I took out the original seats. I left them in to help hold the hulls shape throughout the work. I also got to work fitting the rear deck and starting to work on the most forward edge of it's connection to…


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Gutter Work

These posts are a little picture heavy but I'm on a roll and don't have much time for chatter... please comment or ask questions though!

so here's the progress at the end of the last post. I like it when stuff fits where I wanted it to go!


Here's the framework for the gutter system.  These gutters are based on the design of the newer OARS Dories…


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Decking Progress

Finally getting to work on the decking.  Ordered some marine plywood and started out glassing the whole thing.  I did some scale mockups of the pieces I wanted to cut and messed around on some scale plywood so I could get maximum use and waste as little material as possible.



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Boat name and stripe

I worked today on painting the boat name and the stripe on the boat today.  Almost finished but the weather threatened rain and I had to roll the boat back inside.  The stripe has some taper to it... 1/4" every 30".  The name is the Jenny Lind.  Named after Jenny Lind Rock in Echo Park, Dinosaur National Monument.  The process is time consuming but it's pretty cheep and technically easy once you can visualize the paint and tape layers.…


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Picture updates

Ok, as I said in the last post I've got the Eastside in the garage and am ready to start tinkering until winter when the real work will start.  I also decided to start on a chip cover for the boat.  Decided that with the high frequency of dirt roads I will be on that I needed a cover to protect the front of the boat as much as I can.  Dug out some canvas scraps I had around and got the basic cover put together.  need to reinforce it in a few spots and hem the edges for…


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Gates of Lodore

Picked up the boat and had a few surprises.  One of the leaf springs was broken but the owner replaced them both at a trailer shop and got me on the road.  I spent a day epoxying D rings into the boat and stripping the extra stuff from the boat to get it ready for the trip.  Dinosaur National Monument requires flotation in drift boats and open canoes so I fitted the rear area of the boat with 3 canoe float bags to make her legal.  Had a great time and was really impressed with the handling…


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Decked Mckenzie Build

I'm new to the group and I'm going to apologize for not having a wooden boat.  I'm starting with a vintage Eastside fiberglass 15' drifter that I plan to deck and outfit for whitewater trips.  The goal is to hold my self and my wife pretty much self supported for 3-5 days on class 3-4.  Will also make a great boat for taking the future kids on floats.  I'm running the Gates of Lodore the second week of August and will mess around with balance in loading and get a feel for where I want to be…


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