These posts are a little picture heavy but I'm on a roll and don't have much time for chatter... please comment or ask questions though!

so here's the progress at the end of the last post. I like it when stuff fits where I wanted it to go!


Here's the framework for the gutter system.  These gutters are based on the design of the newer OARS Dories boats.  it's a really simple system that is easy to maintain.


Here is my first go at gas welding aluminum... still could use some practice!


Here is what the gutter looks like installed.  The southco latches hook on under the front part of the gutter.  It seals against weatherstripping on the underside of the hatch lid.


The last thing I'm doing special on this boat is keeping the hull flexible for those low water situations.  To accompish this I'm keeping the bulkheads an inch of the floor of the boat and using high density foam to seal the chambers.  This way the hull can still flex if I slide over a rock without running into the ridgid bulkheads and causing major damage.

I'm going to hit the garage for another few days and see what kind of progress I can make!



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