I've been using some pretty sub-par three strand rope for both an anchor rope and bow line, and it's time for a replacement. One good thing about the current rope is the thimble in an eye splice at the end. I've seen a recommendation for the 7/16" line that Willie Boats sells as anchor line, so I went ahead and ordered 100' @ .35/ft, thinking that I'd handle the splicing myself. After a bit of digging, it turns out that it is a polypro rope sold by Continental Western Corp as a halter rope - if you're willing to buy a 300' spool, you can get it for .17/ft direct from CWC, half of Willie's price.  Only problem is it can't be spliced...

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Isnt that a woven type rope you can eye splice? There are quite a few diy tutorials for splicing woven rope on you tube, marine supply websites and the like.


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