Well I'm building a 17 54 baker drift boat. So far I've got a pallet of expensive ply wood and one scarf cut

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haven't updated this in a while.

Put the bow eye on.  I drilled two holes in a 2x4 appropriate for the bow eye dead center.  Then I ran the board over the table saw making a 45 degree cut both ways.  Center the board against the stem and drill.  Somehow it all worked out and went on dead straight.

Rounded over the transom

Added Durabak which is supposed to be dark grey but turned out blue(hope to remedy that). It also goes on very thin and paint like which you can see from the picture. That's after 3 coats.

oiled, and floated

That walnut turned out dead sexy once oiled

Managed to cut my kneeboard wrong when final fitting and now have to get a replacement.  All in all it's awesome though.  Boat floats in under 2 inches empty. While I've got everyone reading, is there a trick to reusing oil rags?  The one I used has kinda turned into a crinkly useless one.  Is it a single use kinda thing with those?

You have done a great job. I too like the walnut!

Rick Newman

I love the color.

Great job Bennett! You made me proud. I would like to put a pic. on the website.

As for the rags I find it is best to pile a bunch of oily rags in the corner of the shop surrounded by combustible fuel (kidding ha ha!). I usually use a new one every time.


Thanks y'all. Gregg I hope you like it! I copied your boat haha.
Mike I'll get you picture once I clean all the dried glue and graphite dust off the paint job

Is the Durabak waterproof? Do you now have a floating bathtub?

The durabak is on the interior bottom. I'd guess itd be waterproof if applied perfectly but I'm sure I've got some seems here and there.  I coated the bottom in multiple epoxy coats prior to durabak.  The outside of the hull is 4 oz glass and paint.  Don't know what you mean by bathtub but it floats

Beautiful boat, nice work Bennett!


Beautiful Boat, now go out there and enjoy it!

Phil W.

Thanks Ya'll. I don't think taking a drift boat out in North Georgia is what Jimmy Buffet was lamenting in Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season, but it definitely applies to me.  Got my oarlocks and borrowed some oars this weekend.  Couldn't take the boat out in the 5 inches of rain over 24 hrs we got though.  Rigged a temporary bench at 17 inches from the bottom and the geometry all seems to work.  Now I just have to clean it up and start fishing.

Got my bushings in from grainger and finished the oar lock blocks


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