Selling my 16’ Don hill to a friend and looking to build an 18x54 from a kit. It will be a workhorse for heavy loads in rough water. Flyfishermen fore and aft plus camping gear. Looked like rays rogue river was the best option I’ve seen. Tatman kit is not the prettiest and I’ve seen them first hand. I can custom build some pieces to upgrade the look, but would rather get it in the kit with little extra effort. Extra time is about the only thing I don’t have.

Opinions on the best kit to get everything you want with best quality wood and hardware? Let’s assume for a moment that the budget doesn’t matter.

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I did not see that Rays still makes an 18’.  Tatman May or not be in business.  Don Hill has an 18’ rib kit. That may be your only option.

Hi Wil, I would be interested in doing a custom kit for you. I am in Hailey. Please check out my website; Thanks and let's chat 208-720-9609.

Mike Bakers website shows he does an 18 x 60 as well

Thanks guys! I was concerned I was missing something. I saw the big bakers boat. I’m not sure if I’m man enough for an 18x60. :-)

Sounds like Kurt and I need to chat. He has some good looking boats and with a couple tweaks I can probably get what I’m after. Not to mention he is only two hours away.

Mike Baker's boats are tough to beat. Quality of materials, quality of instructions, his helpful ness with after the sale help are all top notch. He is also a squared away guy with a good reputation for his kits!

Greg Tatman just returned to business about six weeks ago. He purchased it back from Randy Dersham at this years McKenzie River Wooden boat show. It was also posted on here. Greg is now a member on the site as well.


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