Hello everyone,

I would like to build my first wood drift boat, but I just can't seem to find any plans that I like.  I owned a Clacka 15 LP for a few years, and would really like to have something like that in a wooden boat. All of the plans that I have found for frame built drift boats are narrower (48"), and most are not designed for fisherman fore and aft. I have seen the Don Hill plans, and have a copy of Fletcher's book, but none of those really fit what I am looking for.  Does anyone on here have any suggestions about where to look? 

And thanks for all of the info that this site provides.  My brain is already flooded with ideas about what to do when I do finally get around to building.  

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Go to http://montana-riverboats.com Sandy makes a boat design called the beavertail. It is designed for fore and aft fishermen. While his plans are for stitch and glue you can build with a frame with some ninagaling. Between the folks on this site and Sandy's site we can get you headed in the right direction.

Rick N

Thanks Rick,  but I would still prefer a boat with a wider bottom than the 48 inch wide beavertail.

After doing lots of research on this subject I'm still trying to figure which one I would prefer. Sandy's beavertail does look interesting with its symmetrical bottom, even if it is a little narrow. Just how much finagleing would it take to build this boat with frames as opposed to the S&G method?

Pending on the water you like to float any design can be altered or equally scaled up.

Most plans are designed around 16' sides 2 8' sheets scarfed together.A boat that has enough room for 3 will most likely be in the 54-58" wide range and a LOA of more then 16' so youll have 2 scarfs on ea side

If you have a boat you like or know of one take some measurements and make a few scaled down models until you see what you like.

Sandys plans have the measurements included that can be easily built with frames,theres also one that has been scaled up to a 54" wide bottom IIRC.

Joel: I built a  Tracy O'Brien LS16D (S&G)   call him- he might have something closer to your needs. 

Tracy O'Brien Marine Designs

156 Bunker Creek Road

Chehalis WA 98532


Thank you Lawrence, I had not seen that site. Do believe I would prefer frames over S&G though.  

Take a look at Don Ward's discussions and pages at this forum site. He built, or is still building, a framed Beavertail.

If you purchase MRB plans you can use the strongback station dimensions as the frame dimensions in framed construction.

If I recall correctly Don had 5 frames, which was the approach used by Sandy at MRB when he first designed the Beavertail.

The MRB site also describes how to copy an exiting boat. You could copy (or nearly so) your Claka 15 LP into a wooden s&g, or framed.

Good Luck


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