Ok Wooden Boatheads.  I am about to ask a question, one that has been asked many times and appears to be as hot a topic on here as "Coolers - To drain, or not to drain" is on other forums, but I am kind of hard-headed, and a bit of a glutton for punishment, so what the hell:

I am in the finishing stages of glassing an 18' Briggs Grand Canyon Dory based on the plans from Fletcher's book (thanks Roger!), but the question remains, and nags, what size oars to run.  I have seen all of the calculations, which border between the simple and the 'I don't have a calculus degree' complicated.  I just want to know, from those who have, or those who know, What size oars are guys running in grand Canyon with a Briggs?  I understand this is very personal, but this wheel has been invented and I just want to know the preference.  I have heard anything from 10' to 11', and I am personally leaning towards 11 footers.  Ash Smoker Oars.

Any confirmations, detraction's, thoughts, dirty jokes, anecdotes that can help me in my quest to answer this?  What have you guys run?  Were you happy with your set up?  I have done the calcs and it comes out around 10'-6", but could be rounded up to 11'.

Thanks in advance, and I will put a few pics up here soon!


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Go with the 11's, you can always shorten them.


Thanks Dorf.  That was my initial thought.

Well, brad dimock recently commented on this very subject. If you follow his blog, he recently made a set of oars for his boat. Hes been running briggs boats in the canyon almost as long as briggs boats have existed and he runs 10 footers. Check his recent post about van fancy oars. They look real nice. I might look into buying a pair.

Thanks Chris, I read those posts a few days ago, but didn't remember seeing the size.  I will re-read it.

Chris, did you ever end up ordering some oars from Vanfancy? Ive been considering it as well for a briggs i am building. With shipping tthey are about half the price of a set of sawyers..

i have a 17.5 double ender.  48" bottom so it rides pretty low, especially when loaded.  roughly 6' between the oarlocks, and i cut my 10ft oars down to 9'6"...

I have an 18 x 54 McKenzie decked and Grand Canyon worthy.  I have 10 6" and they are a litte heavy in the cockpit but work perfectly.  



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