Hey there gang... been busy.  building designing, iterating and repeating.

Here is my current build: Dave's River Whip.

On my waters in the east, I have miles of big flat rivers, and quite a few reservoirs and lakes.  I found this past year, my need for a motor boat that can be used, but needs to float high and be rowed through low class rated obstructions... OH NO, NOT A MOTORBOAT!!

I started with a 15'8" side panel, and 56" bottom width.  Wanted a big wide, flat high capacity boat with a nice looking profile, wide flat transom, pointed stem.

Lots of iteration to cardboard and wood models.  Finally got it close and slammed a hull together.

OAL: 15'

Sheer: 15'8"

Side Height amidships: 72"

Bottom width: 56"

Transom height: 23"

Stem height: 36"

pictures soon..

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That is a nice looking boat, you always have had a good eye for a boats lines. Keep up the good work!

Rick Newman

Very cool. I’d love to see some of the model iterations.


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