Hey there gang... been busy.  building designing, iterating and repeating.

Here is my current build: Dave's River Whip.

On my waters in the east, I have miles of big flat rivers, and quite a few reservoirs and lakes.  I found this past year, my need for a motor boat that can be used, but needs to float high and be rowed through low class rated obstructions... OH NO, NOT A MOTORBOAT!!

I started with a 15'8" side panel, and 56" bottom width.  Wanted a big wide, flat high capacity boat with a nice looking profile, wide flat transom, pointed stem.

Lots of iteration to cardboard and wood models.  Finally got it close and slammed a hull together.

OAL: 15'

Sheer: 15'8"

Side Height amidships: 72"

Bottom width: 56"

Transom height: 23"

Stem height: 36"

pictures soon..

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That is a nice looking boat, you always have had a good eye for a boats lines. Keep up the good work!

Rick Newman

Very cool. I’d love to see some of the model iterations.
HOW DARE YOU. and do you or will you offer plans?
I have fished upper woods pond and Francis E Walter and rowing a squirrelly drift boat isn’t fun. However once I drop anchor I love the silence. There are at least eight eagles split up around the seven locations I fish. Quiet is nice.
The next boat I build will likely be a traditional driftboat with batteries and electronics figured into the matrix. Something like your Ludwig.
I’m also building a flat bottom dory to use in rougher saltwater like Barnegat Bay.


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