Hey Woodenboat People, 

I'm playing with creating CNC files for a driftboat. I've designed and built a few boats in the past, including a smallish grand canyon dory that I posted on here about, but all have been manually lofted, designed, built, etc. I recently got access to a CNC machine and my sister and her husband want to build a slightly smaller boat than the one I designed earlier. Hence, time to figure out how to make the design / files. 

I probably won't post a ton on here, but if anyone wants to follow along, has advice, or questions, feel free to reach out. You can find step by step posts at: http://design.ben-hayes.com/category/boat-design

And a few pictures to lure you in: 

Curve analysis:

the draft hull with decks and bulkheads. I'll change the design qui...

First swing at unrolling all of the surfaces and extruding them to ...

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Very cool Ben!

Nice! You going to build in wood? Aluminum? Plascore?


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