Hi everyone, I'm just getting started.  I've gathered all the tools, read Fletcher's book about 6 times (so great), and read quite a lot of these posts (also great).  I've decided to build a 17x54.  Went to the lumber dealer in town, and decided i'm definitely going to use the Hydrotek BS 1088 6mm for sides, and 12mm for floor.  I'm going to use Mahogany for the Stem.  I'm planning to use Port Orford Cedar for the frames, and was thinking i'd match that with White Oak for the rails/chines.  I hope to have the boat for the rest of my life, and while i want it to be the most beautiful boat ever built, I truly want to use materials that will last and be effective.  So, first question... Instead of White Oak, anyone ever use Port Orford for rails?  It seems like the color would be similar to White Oak, but i wonder about durability as a rail.  appreciate any insight you might have.

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I am still refining my own varnishing technique, but learned a lot from Nick Schade's book over 20 years ago...he now has it on video:

That looks incredible, Dusty.  Thanks to your uncle for some gorgeous Fir!

i just watched his technique, I'm going to try it for the next coat.  I think it will be helpful to do smaller sections at a time.  thanks Shawn!

updating a couple pics.  These pics just show the thwarts resting in place, not secured yet.  I'm working on the fly line deck currently, which is harder than I thought it would be. With a cardboard template to get me close, then some sanding it is coming along.  I'll post those pics soon.  

That's gorgeous Dusty.

Fixed or removeable flyline deck?

If cardboard is too floppy, go to your specialty lumber supplier...birch ply is expensive, but the cover sheets that come on a bunk of birch ply is usually scratched up, 1/8" 3-ply and either free or cheap.  Makes great templates/patterns.

The fly line deck will be removable.  I'm past needing the cheap plywood, but good idea!  I just gotta get another set of hands to hold the cleats firmly against the hull for securing.  I don't have a deep clamp.

hot glue a temporary cleat below it so you can rest the actual cleat in its position while you get the clamps in place.

Great idea! I hope I get a chance to use it!


Anchor System is installed!

This was a bit more complicated than i thought it would be.  

I decided to build two Knee Braces.  I can see that the standard plan i'm using doesn't consider the pain in your kneecaps when the brace is too low.  So, i'm going to build one for just float trips, and a 2nd one for fishing/guiding days.

Knee brace built

Made the rear floor removable for some river bank furniture.  I decided to use a piece of white oak and drill a hole for the barrel bolt to sneak into, rather than use the female portion of the barrel bolt.  It'll be interesting how long that takes to wear out.

That’s a great idea. I tried the female barrel bolt and go so frustrated I gave up on the idea. Flash forward to me at the ramp trying to fish my anchor line through the frame holes cussing my past self for screwing my floor boards down.


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