Just wondering if anyone has ever used this product, it is made by West System. I was going to use it on my gunnel scarf joints if I get some positive feedback. Thanks in advance.    Jim

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On the woodenboatforum.com it is very popular and used often.

Rick Newman

Basically its just  pre thickened epoxy,just like sys 3 gel magic.If you have epoxy already then just thicken with the proper fillers.

Like most epoxy the glue is stronger then the wood,so care must be taken when gluing not to have a dry joint.

I had an application to repair a local High School's Mascot in their football field.  It is a 14' long three ft tall Black Panther carving (not a chainsaw)from a White Oak Tree Trunk.  Our local carving club was asked to replace the animal's head which was cut off by vandals (possible a rival H.S.)with a chain saw.  We made a new head from Basswood.  

I had the task of leading the "how do we attach it to the White Oak body".  I contacted Gougeon Brothers, Ben Gougeon and he donated the epoxy, 105-206, a couple of gallons.  He came to the event and brought a quart of the G/Flex Resin and Hardener and we added it to the 105-206 mixture in equal amounts.  Ben said the G/Flex formulation was made for materials with different properties like thermal expansion. It provides a bit of flexability as things move during thermal expansion.

It can be used to bond metal to wood or some plastics.  I have used it for several repair jobs where different metals are bonded.  So far it has done a good job and is simple to use, mixed 50-50 hardener and resin.


Dorf, that's a good story that shows the capabilities of G_Flex and the knowledge of the Gougeon family. They were and are pioneers in the world of epoxy.

Rick N


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