Started on a GC Dory from Andy H. plans (18x54) some time ago and decided to post a few images from the build. The plans were put in CAD and cut on a CNC router so there are puzzle joints on large panels. A few modifications from the original design include laminated bow and stern posts and laminated gunwales. It has been a fun build and I am currently fiddling with gutters and hatches. See how this works and I will post more images.


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Hi-tech joinery. Very nice!

Thanks for sharing your build, we always welcome pictures and stories. It isn't often economical to learn from the school of hard knocks. Sometimes being able to see or read how someone solved a problem and turned itinto a success is very helpful. With 2500+ members many questions have been asked and answered. Reading the posts here is an education in itself.

Rick Newman

Great to share techniques. There are a lot of talented dory builders sharing ideas! 

Two layers of 12 oz biax at the chine and bow and stern.

Two layers of 17 oz biax on the floor, 7 inches up the side.

Stern post glued in and bulkhead adjustments.

Bulkheads positioned and taped in with 12 oz biax.

Flipped over and prepping for chine tape and bottom glass work.

Chines rounded over and prepped for two layers of 12 oz tape application.

It is clear to see that you have a talent for the application of epoxy and fiberglass or you have done it quite a bit. Very good job using tough materials such as the 17 oz laminates!

Rick Newman

Hi Rick,

I have stirred my fair share of epoxy. Like anything else, a little practice and patience sure helps.


10 oz  weave on the sides and over the chine.


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