Started on a GC Dory from Andy H. plans (18x54) some time ago and decided to post a few images from the build. The plans were put in CAD and cut on a CNC router so there are puzzle joints on large panels. A few modifications from the original design include laminated bow and stern posts and laminated gunwales. It has been a fun build and I am currently fiddling with gutters and hatches. See how this works and I will post more images.


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2 layers of 12 oz biax chine tape and 17 oz biax

Bottom faired and graphite applied. Sides also primed and faired.

Interior faired and tinted epoxy rolled on.

Tacked in footwell.

Fiberglass drain tube made from 12 oz biax wrapped around gift wrap tubes and paper. The Happy Birthday paper is staying inside permanently.

Decks installed and ready for fiberglass tape.

Taping hull to deck seam and deck to bulkhead seams.

Wonderful work!

Rick N

Oars pocket cutout.

Front passenger seat fairing.

Drain tube installed.

Gutters installed. Currently working on fairing the interior for paint prep and hatch work.


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