Does anyone know the status of Greg Tatman Boats?

I have been trying to reach them to place an order, but can't get anyone on the phone, no return calls, no reply to email.

Their website is up, but the entry page doesn't link to the rest of the site; you have to find the inside pages via Google search, then you can navigate within the site.

Any info is appreciated.


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I'm sure that Randy Dersham will be along to communicate the status of Tatman boats. He purchased the business from Greg several years ago.

Rick Newman

This is Randy Dersham. 

Yes I did purchase Greg Tatman boats but I have had to close down the shop.  I'm still here at on weekends.  The website Greg Tatman Boats should be down.  I'm guessing that you have found a back door into some pages that still show up in search engines or perhaps you had an earlier link.   I'll try to fix that. 

For now, I plan to put the Tatman UHMW sleeves and the Easy Lift Eyebolt for sale from a link that people can get from this site. I have plenty and will be able to connect with people here at 

I'm looking at providing plans for some boats, esp the 17x52 Tatman (the best all around boat that Greg designed in my opinion) my Low Side 17x52 convertible, and the Tatman prams which are fantastic little boats.  I'm not sure when the plans will be available.     

Okay, nice to meet you, Randy.

I purchased one of the Tatman kit boats from the guy who assembled it about 18 years ago.  He's taken great care of it, and it is a wonderful boat, but the plastic had really gotten brittle and the screws worked around by the contraction and expansion of the plastic.

Long story short, I'm going a different route than the plastic for the bottom.  I think Utah's temp extremes really put a strain on those screws.   I'm now about to fill those screw holes with epoxy & tootpicks, add a layer of 9oz Kevlar under epoxy, then prime & final coat with something called Wetlander:

I would, however, like to have UHMW plastic strips to cover the chine battens and also one for the stem.  And of course, I'm due for a new anchor bang plate.  

Randy, can I get these from you?  And, by chance, do you have any of the Z spar Flagship varnish left?

I'm curious as to exactly which of the boats mine is.

The guy advertised it as a 16' McKenzie drift boat, but by the chart in the Tatman catalog, I think it must be, nominally, a 17' model.  Stem to stern centerline on top is 15' 8".

Anyhow, I'm really pleased to have it.  Deadline for the new bottom is end of the month, when my wife has a few days off and we're headed to the Green (utah).

To be able to tell exactly which boat you have you can make three measurements.  First the full length of the side panel along the shear, second the width of the bottom at the widest point, third the height of the side panel at the mid point of the boat.

It is very likely that your boat is either a 17x52 or a 17.5 x 54.  

I'm also very interested in the bottom coating.  I'll have to give it a try.  It looks like the 3 coat kit is $400.00 for a bottom.  I think that's within reason but much more than Coat-It at $150.00. (two cans at 70-90 a gallon depending on where you order it.) 

I'll look into a provide for Tivar near you.  I see there is a large plastics company that has it in your area.

Thanks Randy.  Coincidentally, I found Laird Plastics yesterday and I should be able to pick up my Tivar sometime this week.

The boat:

full length of side panel along sheer: 16' 10" or 202"

bottom at widest (including chine battens) 53"

height of side panel at middle of boat is about 24" measuring from the outside bottom up,  about 23" at oarlocks

That would be the Tatman 17x52 standard.  I believe it is the best design that Greg made and rowed one for 15 years.  Love it. 

Greg shows up on this site from time to time and I believe you can send him an email via this site if you want to get a little more info from him. 

Hey thanks, Randy!

Nice to know what I've got.  I knew she was a sweet ride.  

Just in from filling all the screw holes in the bottom (from the plastic) with dowels, matches, toothpicks & epoxy.

Had her out on the river couple weeks ago for the first time on a river after buying her.  Had inspected the bottom and knew the plastic was going to have to come off but thought it would make it through the season.


The large pieces all came off in the river that first time out (fortunately that stuff floats so it was easy to retrieve and take down to the dumpster). 

So now I hope I've got the holes filled sufficiently to keep water out of the boat (had a small, slow leak somewhere) and out of the wood.  Knock those pegs down, cap 'em off with thickened epoxy, and I'll be ready for my kevlar, which is supposed to arrive on Friday.

Thank goodness i have a little time these days to take this a small step at a time.  I'm psyched.

I am also very interested in Tatman plans or a used one as I have very little confidence in my carpentry skills Thxs Doug

Hi Randy,

Do you have the plans for there smallest driftboat, It was 12' I think , would love to build it if you are selling plans.  It had a bow, it was not a pram.  They showed it at some boat shows but I don't know if it ever got into production.  Thanks, Hil Hawken, San Anselmo, CA.

Hello Hil,

There are no plans for the Greg Tatman boats. Everything is based on templates that Greg created as he made the boat designs.

Also, I have just sold the Tatman designs back to Greg. He is a member of his site and will hopefully be able to support and continue to help the folks that are using and building his boats.

Hey Tom,

I am very intrigued by the bottom coating you have chosen. Do you know any one who has tried this on a drift boat? Keep us posted.


Nope, I'm taking one for the team here, I guess. We'll see what happens.  The Wetlander website mentions drift boats once, I think, and the guy said he had drift boat customers who like it, but I didn't get any names.

But I'll try and keep you posted on my slow, deliberate progress, as well as the final product & how she performs.


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