Hello Everyone,


My name is Guy and this is my first post in this forum.  I am here because I want to build a wooden drift boat and, undoubtedly, I will occasionally need advice of the pool of experts and experienced drift boat builders on this forum.


In preparation for this project I have read and studied three books: Drift Boats and River Dories by R. L. Fletcher, Boatbuilding with Plywood by G. L. Witt, and Covering Wooden Boats with Fiberglass by A. H. Vaitses.  I have also developed my own set of construction plans based off of the "Original McKenzie Double-Ender with Transom" in Fletcher's book.  I used and MS Excel spreadsheet to calculate all of the dimensions, cut angles, compound angles, and bevel angles of all frame components and I used Pilot3D software to calculate the as-cut dimensions of the plywood sides and bottom.  At this point I am pretty comfortable with the mechanics of construction and I think that I am just about ready to start purchasing lumber.


Presently, I plan to use Meranti Hydro-Tek plywood; 1/4-in. on the sides and 1/2-in. on the bottom.  I found plenty of places to purchase these materials, but they are all far away from Idaho Falls, Idaho, and as a result shipping costs more than the materials.  Are any of you aware of a business within a few hundred miles of Idaho Falls that sells this plywood?  I have a few requests in to the local lumber companies, but I have yet to talk with someone who has heard of this material before.


I also plan to use Port Orford Cedar (CVG) for the straight frame sections and White Oak (quater sawn) for the bent frame sections (chine logs and sheer rails).


Thank you, Guy

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Hi Rick. Thanks. I’ll need some luck with this engine. How are you these days?

Chris Craft. Rebuilding the raw water pump. Sherwood Model N10360G. These were still in production about a year ago. But no longer. I was still able to buy a rebuild kit. 

Cleaned the water pump for the Martinac. 
Cleaned and rebuilt the water pump for the Chris Craft. 
Had the starter and generator for the Martinac serviced. Now stripping to make them ready for primer and paint. 

Martinac. Cleaning and painting engine parts. 


You do a great job, I really enjoy seeing the pictures of your work.

Rick N

Thanks Rick. 

Martinac. I tried to save the old swim deck, but all the bolts failed upon disassembly and a good portion of the wood is dry and split. I’ll make a new swim deck. That’s easy enough. 

Martinac. I’m trying my hand at rebuilding a Carter WCFB carburetor. These were made from 1952 to 1967. Mine is 6-1271, which I think is consistent with the later 1950’s. 

I really like your tape layout of the carb parts. That could have saved me from a lot of headaches in the past!

Hi Rick. This is my first time dealing with a carburetor. It’s not so complicated once you get familiar. 

If you do it in a ogical and organized fashion it isn't too bad. Unorganized and in a hurry, real mess!



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