Hi All,

has anyone built a don hill driftboat? would love to be able to call you with some questions.


New Mexico Mike

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Not a don hill, but a framed boat none the less! What are you wondering so far?


moving and want protect plywood in transit,can I puy 3 coats of epoxy on now after staining and still bend it late when I start the build without it spiderwebbing?

west system 207

any links to making scarf joint jig?

THANKS for your Help

Mike Watrou,new Mexico

I guess it depends on the transit method, but I’d probably just sandwich it between some osb if you’re just trailering it somewhere.  Three coats of epoxy seems excessive, one would probably be fine if you’re inclined.  Plenty of info here about scarfing, youtube will show you a million ways to do it. I did it all with a no 5 plane because I figured it was the least likely way to screw up. Others zip away with power tools

There are some pictures of a scarfing setup here

Hi mike 

I had stained my plywood before anything, my advice and mine only is to either scarf it first and epoxy it together but if you don't sand it well enough it will not take the stain next to the glue joint.

I stained mine first and then scarf it, it would have been perfect but i used west system 406 filler probably didn't need to but the little bit of squeeze out made it cloudy next to the joint and when sanding it down i went a little to far and lightened some of the stain and couldn't get it to match again a flaw I have to live with

so if you scarf it well I don't know if you'll need filler would ask others here on there take on that but i would use the 207 so its the same as the rest of the panels 

I built an approx 3.5 square foot jig where the front was 3.5 inches lower and ran a 2x6 back and forth over it with my router bolted to the 2x6.  It was easy for me.  instructions are online somewhere with a video.  test on cheap wood.  


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