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A very high quality build. Great job!

Rick N

Nice unique good looking fishing boat. It would work good here in Michigan for most if not all of the rivers. Thats why I went with less than traditional rocker, little more bottom surface floats shallower. That`ll get some looks from everyone and thumbs up!!!

Thx Mike.  Very shallow runner for sure....bottom hasn't even been touched even in the skinny stuff....60" wide...Plascore bottom, so light, wide, stable.   Great for fishing, but I'm not gonna run any Class 3's....haha

Raised floors are a nice touch,are they sealed off or is there drain holes?

Those curved transoms must have been fun to install,are they scarphed to the sides?

No.   Simple lap joint.   9mm sides.  (3) 3mm laminations to make the transoms.   I cut out a lap on the 9mm side pieces and then lapped 1 of the 3mm pieces over, epoxied into place.   They got a layer of Kevlar on the outside, then Bedliner as well, so the seams did not need to be perfect.  It worked well.   The floors are sealed, and the gaps inside filled with expandable closed cell marine foam.   Not Good Stuff type foam, but the stuff they use in ski boat hulls.   Was expensive, and hard to find.   Thought I would leave drain holes, but was more worried about rot or defect under the deck that I couldn't see, I filled em up.   Lots of brain work on that project, I debated both ways for a couple far so good....We'll see in 10 yrs....


Nice Boat, she's a beauty!  Now go out and enjoy it!




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