I have made several sets of oars using fir. Usually they are heavier than I would like. Once I used basswood which is marginally lighter. Has anyone tried cedar?  Usually I split a 2x4 and laminate strips of cherry and maple for a nice colorful blade.  The leathers would protect cedar from the oarlocks.  Any ideas?

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Here's a great tutorial, but it baffles me the author used yellow polypro.  haha

Inner/outer turks head for bulk makes sense, thanks.

Mine just got a water-based wood stain to match my boat.  The pigment seemed to saturate the nylon well.  I put a thin bead of epoxy under the start/end of the wraps, the wraps are 18" long and the center 16" just "floats" with no epoxy coating over or under it.

This thread has wonderful information.  I add information to personal library as I find it.  Now, I have some designs for longer oars.  

If Brad gets around to another oar shaping class, I am ready with a set of constant diameter drift boat oars.  Otherwise, I may just have to get creative by myself.

Thanks for the wonderful contributions, and this was not even my thread.


I made a set of spoon oars using sitka spruce and put some cherry on the blades. Got the plans from an old article in wooden boat. 


Consider Sassafrass.  Light, very nice flex.


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