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This must be one of those questions that gets posted over and over again because people like me can't seem to find the time to visit this site often enough to see what's going on in the industry. Like a lot of other folks who are in various stages of building a boat, I'm beginning to think about a trailer to stick under the craft to get me to the waters edge. Been snooping around on-line looking for something that doesn't cost twice as much as my boat has (so far) and also an outfit to buy it from that is less than a days drive to get to from the North West corner of Montana ( a wide spot in the road called Troy, a hop - skip - and a jump from the Kootenai River). Some of the businesses I've sent inquiries to include:
Baker drift boat trailers, Greg Tatman Boats, Mountain Drift boats, and a company called Karavan that sells their trailers through Home Depot but not drift boat trailers. I don't know, maybe it's the virus that's putting things in a bind, but I'm not getting much feedback from some of these outfits. I'd be happy to hear what the membership has experienced in their search for a trailer for their boat.

Thanks for your time,
Bill Dodson
Troy, Montana

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I’ve bought 2 used trailers, one from Hyde and the other from Clacka. Both are located in Idaho Falls.  Never really had any problems with each. Hyde also sells new trailers.   In Victor Idaho, directly across from World Cast Fly Shop and Guide Service is fairly large dealer that sells used and new drift boats. Don’t know the name but you I sure if you call WC they can tell you.  I’ve also seen flat bed trailers converted once mounted with rollers on the back.


Hi Gregg,

Thanks for your reply.  Looks like Clacka or Hyde might be the way to go.  Is the place in Victor called "Mountain Driftboat"?  I think I read somewhere the owner wanted to retire.  I'll check that out. Could be a sale going on!  And I see your point about the flat bed trailer . . . stick a winch up front and a roller in back  . . . a tip bed would help, too. 

Thanks for your ideas,

Bill Dodson

Troy, Montana

Gary Beebe is the owner of Mountain Driftboat. Last I heard he was stuck in Costa Rica due to the virus. Inventory is way down. 

Hi David

Sorry to hear Gary Beebe is locked out of his own country.  These are strange times.  Guess I'll try the folks in Idaho Falls.  Thanks for your help.

Bill Dodson

Don’t overlook local welders. I’d imagine they’re covered in work now but if not could be a good option. The plans posted here make for a good trailer. Mine was made off the plans although a bit wider. Search “Trailer Drawings”. 

Hi Bennett,

We do have a shop that does welding and builds trailers for snow machines. Wouldn't think it would be much of a stretch to weld up a Drift boat trailer.  I'll give them a call and see what they think.

And thanks for the tip on a trailer drawings.  If I was a few years younger than 84 I'd buy a MIG rig and build my own. But, you know, that cuts into fishing time.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Bill Dodson

Troy, Montana

Perfect! I printed off the plans for that trailer on that thread along with a few general pictures of drift boat trailers. Gave them to a trailer shop in Alabama that had no clue what I wanted but between the plans and pictures it came out fine. The plans are for a 16 48 though so if you’re boat is wider adjust accordingly.


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