I've spoken with several wood boat builders who are starting to experiment with Plascore and had a few questions:

Is it used in conjunction with plywood?


How do you attached it?

How is it seemed?


Just the honeycomb or panels?


What do you coat it with if used on a boats bottom?




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Duane, there is much more information and use on the Montana Riverboats site www.montanariverboats.com

Most of your answers are discussed there.

Rick Newman


Thanks. The link is www.montana-riverboats.com however. The one you listed takes you to an asian porn site!!


Good info and thanks. I mean for Plascore, not the asian porn!




Glad you enjoyed! Plascore and some of the foams are interesting materials and their refinement and application should be intriguing to follow. I love wood boats but appreciate science and technology too. The right stuff in the right place with reverance for what came first.

Rick Newman

Jeez, Rick.  Asian Porn?   Mahog is NOT pleased.


Mike, I got the web site from you!


 do a little googling on sandwich construction of composites and fiberglass this will help you understand how it works.

Tungsten, I'm in the composite industry and already aware of how it all works. My primary interest is how this product is being used for drift boats. The construction process when integrated with wood and also the effective real time use on the water. To my knowledge the product was built for sail boats, power boats, etc. and not necessarily for boats that endure the kind of impacts a drift boat is subjected to. As an example, I've read some other forums where there have been problems when the surface is compromised and the honeycomb cells fill with water.


I have built 2 all plascore hulls.  One an open fishing drifter and the other is a decked whitewater boat.  I have build history on web sites for both.  I have used plascore on the bottom of a third.  I have another friend who just completed his all plascore boat this past summer.  We have 3 plascore boats going down the Grand Canyon in about 3 weeks.

As this is a wood boat forum it's not really the place to pickup this kind of information.

Email me directly if you have specific questions


Hey Duane,

I am using Plascore on my current build. The plan is to attach a 1/4" plywood bottom as usual and then epoxy the 1/2" Plascore to the plywood then epoxy 20 oz. Triaxial fabric to that with graphite thrown in.        

I am going to glue the Plascore on in pieces, no seaming necessary. I am using the honeycomb with the veil on it.

I had them ship it in 4'x4' pieces to save on shipping but the shipping was still more than the honeycomb. Maybe 2'x4' would be better.

I will post pics when I get there (early next week).


Has anyone ever used Nidacore by 3m? It looks like it is a competitor of Plascore is that correct?



What, a plastic boat? How dare you? Are you going to varnish it?


Rick Newman

Hi Duane,

i think the real use of these composites in drift boats is theres no concern for rot,also the ability to absorb impact.Honeycomb is also the cheapest of cores so i think this is why its the most popular.Is it the best?i cant answer that,but there are alot of boats using this as a bottom.

if you put the right kind and amount of glass on it it seams to hold up or at least you don't here about any failers on these forums.

one concern is delamination of the glass,this is mostly do to builder error( i think).theres lots to learn about these composites in drift  boat building,i think its the way to go if you abuse your boat.


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