I am thinking about using my new found spare time to build a casting brace for a fisherperson seated in the rear of my wood frame DB. I see Greg Maddock and Paul Chiasson used what looks like a plank steam bent and mounted to blocks through bolted to the inwale and outwale. I am interested to hear feedback on that or other approaches. Surely it limits the rear passenger's movement in the boat, which is a reasonable trade off to make standing up secure. Does this result in a strong, secure brace to lean against? Are there other issues I am not thinking off? Thanks all. JC Smith

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I first did a gunwale to gunwale steam bent piece with a curved brace mounted to it, but after two seasons found it cumbersome because its hard to move people between the rear seat and the rowers seat without going to shore.  Also it got in the way of placing rods in the rod holders I mounted below the gunwales.  So I went to a steam bent piece attached to the rib and rowers seat and it anchors into a block with a slot cut into it that sits on the floor but is bolted to the rib. See photo, which isn't great but shows the basics.  Key to bending wood is finding air dried wood, kiln dried wood doesn't bend well. I used four thin boards to make bend easier, then I glued the pieces. After one season, it seems to hold up well and takes a large guy leaning into it for a cast. I tell my guys to not use it to pull themselves up and down to keep stresses down.


That's cool Kirk.

I have been thinking of removeable thigh brace options for my whitewater dory. Would be great to have it serve a "2nd life" as a fishing craft, albeit a heavy one.  I wonder how well that would work if mounted to a removeable floor. Would it support a standing person...with the person providing their weight to keep the insert floor down?

Trouble is if you lean over to the side, will your weight go off floor and the entire thing tumbles into the drink.

Or hold it down with a really heavy cooler of beer. 

That was the input I needed, thanks.
A couple bolts into the bulkhead would brace it all.

I don't claim to be a fly fisherman, but just built a wooden boat and seemed like time to buy a fly rod.


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