I have a 1982 Keith Steel 16 that I restored 4 years ago. It has developed a leak along the chine, so I pulled the chine cap off and am looking for sealant. I have found several threads here (some that are 10 years old) that recommend 3M 101 sealant, however, I cant find it on line or in stores. Has it been replaced with a new product, or are there other suggestions? 

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I have been using Life Caulk from Boat Life successfully for several years. I finished my drift boat in 2011 and have found the caulk to continue to work just as it did when I first used it, in other words, it is still pliable stays in place. It is a polysulfide based product.

Rick Newman

Thanks Rick. I dug around some more and found a tube of Life Caulk, which reminded me that is what I ended up using in 2016. After pulling one chine cap off, it is clear that I scrimped on the caulk and left some gaps. This time I will be more generous.

It is good stuff, I also use on each and every screw that enters plywood!

Rick N


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