It is amazing to me how rich the past history of this forum is, I couldn't have done without it. So, a big shout out to everyone that contributed in the past, everyone that stays active on the forum, and to the moderators/owners that keep the history alive here. Sure seems like it could be assembled into a compendium that could be sold in a box set with Rodger's book! Speaking of which, a big shout out to Rodger for the amazing book and the inspiration. I feel that I will look back at this time as a watershed moment in my life. What a great journey. 

I am still working on wash strakes and a steel bumper on the outer chine.

I'm already drooling over the 16' double-ender for my next build (I'd hate to let all those lessons learned on the first build go to waste!). I'm thinking that I will deck it over and head east to some of the big water coming out of the Rockies while it is still here. I probably need to catch up on some house projects first...

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A very nice build! Good joinery, good finish, nice color combination!

Rick Newman

You might want to replace the plain nuts with acorn nuts so that if you are fishing you won't catch you fly line or waders on the rough bolt ends.

Rick Newman

She's lovely Brian.  congratulations on launching her!

Where did you get the oarlock stanchions?

Your oars look like they already have some history!

Thanks Shawn.

I actually got some scrap stainless steel pipe and square tubing from a local used metal place ($20). Cut and ground everything to fit and had a friend of a friend weld it ($25). Then just popped some bushings in ($12)and wa-la!

Next time I do it, I will move the pipe in towards the center of the boat so that the max diameter of the pipe will be at the bottom and not the top, or at least in the middle. As well as steepen the angle a bit more. 

Hi Brian,

for my launch, I simply drilled the gunnel spacers.   DEFINITELY not enough angle, and my oars were binding in my NRS oarlocks.  I think I need a 15° angle (steeper/more vertical) from the angle iron plate.  what angle did you use?

I built a set out of mild steel and sent them to a foundry to have cast...then everything shut down.  May need to build another pattern and see if I can get my own foundry working so I can get this part complete.

aid3621882-728px-estimate-distances-by-using-your-thumb-and-eyes ...

Just eyeballed it...

Brian, great job on building that very historic design, not too many of those around.

Shawn, I had the same problem with my flared 18 x 54 dory, I had to modify the oarlock block as well, I think 12 degrees. Regarding oarlocks, I have been using some from the Eugene Foundry for the last 20 years, they have a larger inner diameter than most retail commercial locks out there. Be sure to check the length of the shank. 5 years ago, they were $15.00 each! Ask for the "Franks" oarlock:

Cheers, Robb Grubb

Thanks Robb! I'll definitely check them out.

Thanks for the link, Robb!


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