I didnt have any plywood left from my sides, but kinda want mahogany so it stands out from the Okume sides.

My choices are:

1) buy a 8ft- 1x8, 5/4 of mahogany and pay to have it ripped in half, then I could plane it to 1/4" to make 2 strips, or

2) buy a sheet of 1/4" mahogany marine ply for $50, rip my 2 rails and have some ply left to play with.

I`m leaning towards the plywood, as I think it would hold up better than some thin solid wood. Any opinions?

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It will hold until water gets in! I have seen lots of rotted plywood rub strips. Solid wood doesn't have the same issues. It will still rot obviously but has a greater ability to keep water out as there isn't all the potential entry points that plywood has once the finish is penetrated.

Rick N

Mike, if you're going to use solid wood make sure that you glue them down or you run the high risk of splitting and breaking. Plywood doesn't have the splitting and breaking problems but will be a lot more durable than the solid wood, but you could have issues with water intrusion if you don't seal them well and also i would advise gluing them down as well to help with the water penetration from the backside of the rub rails. Since your boat has already been finished you will need to strip the varnish before gluing down anything also.........do you really need them with the rivers you will be floating?


I probabaly dont need them, but they would help with hitting stumps and logs sticking up that we do have alot of in all the rivers here. I would seal them really well with epoxy to begin with, glue them to the boat with bedding compound (and screws) and varnish them, but I would not strip the sides and glue them on permanent. That way they could be replaced somewhat easy if need be.

I kinda want them as much for looks as anything. I would think the thin solid wood would split easy around the screw holes. But thats why I was looking for opinions.


Save your money and let's go fishing!


lol, ok Phil we need to do that soon. I did a float last Sunday in the Manistee by CCC bridge to check it out, I`ll send you a email with pics. The put in and take outs are a bit of a challenge, no boat ramps, much smaller river than we have gone to the other couple times.


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