Can anyone tell me how my Tatman will tow on the water?

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If it tows like it moves when under power it will be quite a series of zig zags. How far do you have to tow it? Why tow it? Could you organize a towing bridle to distribute the pulling forces on more than one point on the hull? Perhaps a three point setup that might attach to the trailer tie down point and some how to each side of the boat. Please remember that a drift boat is designed to be easy to turn not travel in a straight line. A video of the event would be welcomed!

Rick N

Thanks.  Wanting to do Lees Ferry.  It's 15 miles up stream.  A 6-7 mph current.



Seems to me this isn't too good of an idea.  As Rick points out it'll be a riskey deal.  They don't draw much water and with a flat bottom anything more than a couple miles per hour would be asking for trouble.  Save your money and pay the $20 spotting fee or spend a $1000 and get a 3-5 HP Motor.



Thank you.


Do not think I can tell you how it will tow, but my experience is consistent with Rick and Dorf.  Several times I have run the Owyhee River from Rome to the dam at Leslie Gulch.  That ended with long tow from the start of flat water to the dam.  We towed to boats backward, oars out for stability, at a very slow pace.  Whenever the wind caught us, or the tow boat had to make a gentle turn, the string of boats wanted to snap back and crack the whip.  There were many times one or more boats had to quickly untie to avoid possibly swamping.  I would avoid it whenever possible.

Thank you.  Not sounding good for towing.


It will not tow well. Probably only at very slow speeds, otherwise it will probably oscillate from side to side. Greg Tatman

Hey Greg, I sent you a PM back around Christmas. Was hoping to get in touch with you. Thanks

thank you, Sir.

I towed Gregg Hatten and his Obsession three miles across Lewis Lake with my Rapid Robert and a 15 hp outboard.

We towed it backwards with Gregg sitting in the front seat with both oars in the water to stabilize it from swinging. It worked ok. Would not try that in current. Probably ran no faster than 6 mph.


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