Greetings from the McKenzie.  This is to give a heads up that Oregon Public Broadcasting will show Rogue River Wooden Boats March 7 at 8:30 featuring Randy Dersham and Greg Hatten and their woodies.  Both of their boats are beauties, and they are great guys.  Should be fun.

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David, this was a fun trip! I am the builder of two of the wood boats in this episode. I bet they captured so really great footage with all the effort they put in filming us, hopefully everyone can tune in to watch. Those who dont get OPB should be able to stream it online at, Oregon Field Guide Season 30

Thanks for the link, I really want to watch this up here in snowy Washington!

Rick Newman

Just watched it. Man I’ve got to bring my boat out west.

yeah, that was a great trip. An the person on the right in that photo is Jayson Hayes. He built the two boats in that photo.  Rob Grubb was also on the trip with his decked Don Hill.  Greg Hatten was rowing Roger Fletcher's double ended replica of the "training boat" that the Helfrich family used and is now at the lodge.

In case anyone missed it, OPB will rebroadcast the "woodies on the Rogue" episode Sunday at 6:30 PM (tonight March 24.) 


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