Hey all, 

Its looking like i'm going to miss the boat fest in Oregon this year. So i was thinking about inviting folks out to Montana for a multi-day on the Yellowstone this summer. Great camping, good fishing, big sky. What are everyone's thoughts?



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End of June early July.....

What section?

Rick N

Paradise Valley (Chico Hot springs) to Columbus or Laurel.

I'd be interested.  I'm just over the hill . 

Won't it be high water at that time?

yessir. But it was a hoot last season.

I guess I need to get my ass into gear & get the boat finished.

If you around Red Lodge look me up we can chat... Where is just over the hill?

Belgrade, outside of Bozeman.


Sweet! you are just over the hill!!

By the way, I do enjoy your blog.

Thanks! Glad someone is reading it.


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