I picked up a nice thick long pc of white oak today, and am wanting to make some pre-bent slats to have before I go to get a cover made. David W., I liked what you did. I`m thinking about ripping it (then planing) 1/8" strips, making a jib to glue them together with, and making the blocks to set into the rails. Think 3/8" x 2" would be thick enough? Would epoxy be better to glue them together than the titebond3? Or maybe epoxy them after using the titebond3?

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Epoxy will fill voids better than TB 3. With my skills I would use epoxy, with your skill set TB 3 should be fine. Epoxy needs less clamping pressure and TB 3 can take more pressure. Hope this helps.


Mine ended up 5/8"x1 1/2", with 4 laminations - more lams = less springback when they're pulled off the forms. I used epoxy, although in the past I've always used glues like Titebond II

OK. Maybe I`ll go at least 1/2" thick, with 4 pcs. I`m gonna go back and look at your build on that.

The only tricky part was figuring out the correct radius for the form, based on the arc height and the distance between the gunwales. The idea was to get the slat to come off the gunwale at 90 degrees to the hull. 

Thanks David, I was just looking at your jig. That arch sounds just right in theory. I was thinking about making more to arch over my fold down seats, but I did use removable swivels so I can just pop the seats off when the cover is on. Your sides flair alot more than mine so you would get a larger arch. I might have to kick around some ideas yet before I glue any slats.


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