It is fun to see all of the great builds that are being posted, Dave Witton, Mike Thomas, Rick Finnell, looks like Dennis Welch has a dandy going, and of course Mike Baker's Bass Pro Shop build. So.. I wanted to join the fun and post a  finished build. It's a 17X52 highside Sapele for Steve Lentz who is a Middle Fork Salmon outfitter. Fir floor with an additional 1/4 fir ply piece added under frames 5-8. Also a piece of 1/4 ply was laminated to 5-8 floor frames for more shear strength. Middle Fork Salmon is a hard environment. Running off the top on low water dead heads is not "if" you hit a rock, it's "when". Also Steve wanted a front passenger seat that could be locked in place and also side trays for the passengers. So a wood rail was used and a clamping knob on each side to secure the seat. The seat has 5 adjustments in 2 inch increments. Also I put on a removable oarsman seat for stacking. Boat has a UHMW shoe and chine protection. IPX 2000 UHMW was used, supposed to be the newest generation, slicker and less susceptible to thermal expansion and contraction. 

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Wow, very nice. Thats a big boat. I really like the light/dark scheme. The frt seat/shelf set up is a great idea, and it all sounds pretty heavy duty and well thought out. I`m sure it will serve the guide well. I still like the rub strips, I`m thinking about adding them to mine, gives it the vintage look. I wish I would have done that before any finish went on though, All I can do now is bedding compound.

Great job Kurt. Cutting to go around ribs is (tackle trays) is loads of fun isn't it. I put a solid floor in my power skiff and hated that part.


Kurt - Beautiful job - it looks like there's some hardware on the guest seat to make part of that removable, too - correct? What is the frame material?

Kurt, as always great work!

Rick N

Thanks guys! Yeah Mike B, just going around 1 rib for the tackle trays took some time and consternation, can't imagine doing floor boards for an entire boat! Mike T, I like the rub strip look also and think you can attach them pretty easily if that's what you want. I put mine on after the hull is finished so they can be replaced in case of damage. Dave, yes the front seat is removable, it is held in place by 5/16 X 1 3/4 clamping knobs that thread into T-nuts inserted into the seat frame. There is also dry storage under the seat and I put southco cam latches on to hold the seat down while in transit over rough river roads and to  keep the storage area dry. I put the hinge in front, so the oarsman can open it from his seat, have to take the seat backs out though. Frames and floor boards are Alaskan Yellow Cedar.


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