Hi everyone, I'm just getting started.  I've gathered all the tools, read Fletcher's book about 6 times (so great), and read quite a lot of these posts (also great).  I've decided to build a 17x54.  Went to the lumber dealer in town, and decided i'm definitely going to use the Hydrotek BS 1088 6mm for sides, and 12mm for floor.  I'm going to use Mahogany for the Stem.  I'm planning to use Port Orford Cedar for the frames, and was thinking i'd match that with White Oak for the rails/chines.  I hope to have the boat for the rest of my life, and while i want it to be the most beautiful boat ever built, I truly want to use materials that will last and be effective.  So, first question... Instead of White Oak, anyone ever use Port Orford for rails?  It seems like the color would be similar to White Oak, but i wonder about durability as a rail.  appreciate any insight you might have.

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X-ray vision!


The bushing guides the 1/4- inch drill. The scribe lets you know where the drill will land. 

completely get it now.  that's really smart.  I think i can make that... thanks Guy

Actually Guy, I'd take you up on sending it to me if you're willing!?  I live in Harrisburg, OR - just north of Eugene.

Can you email me your address using this site?

Thanks Guy!  i just send you a "message" with my address.  Thanks so much!

The scribe is a great detail!

Guy, your instructions about drilling 'till I was almost through, then switch to the other side, were spot on.  I know this because the first one I drilled straight through and it didn't land quite on point.  After that, it was seamless, and I didn't have any blowouts on the frames. Thanks so much.  

This hurt...

On the bright side, which was hard to find, I rummaged through a bundle of white oak lengths and found that I had an extra 10 foot length of white oak cut to rail dimensions.

It made me so mad that i went out and cleaned up my rafting equipment. 

Could have been kiln dried!



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