I'm getting ready to install floor boards. I'm trying to decide on the spacing. I will probably leave the two outside boards off which will narrow the platform. I'm trying to keep as much access to the floor as possible to retrieve items dropped. How wide of a spacing can I get away with without someone's foot edge falling into the space? It would be nice to get my fat stubby fingers in-between the boards. Robert

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I use 1-1/2" the one thing that always seems to end up under the floor boards is a 5" fish.


thanks Mike

Do you have that problem often? I thought Oregon only had record-book size fish!


Well, the bigger the space between the floorboards, the more stuff that'll fall through ;-)

Spacing is 1" on my Keith Steele boat.

I didnt mess around, used 1/4" spacing. Other than a split shot nothing goes through

Very nice Mike. Are you planning on cutting any heel holes for the rower? If so what size? thanks, Robert

Robert, I have alway liked to use tighter spacing and typically go with a 3/4" reveal. I do this for the purpose of dogs in the boat and the fear of a paw dropping down and getting hurt. Just in the last month my dog has got his pad of his paw caught in that 3/4" reveal twice! So i guess I will be making my spacing closer to 1/2" or maybe even 3/8" in the future. If you"re going to have a dog in the boat this is something you'll want to consider for your pups safety.

Thanks Jayson, I hadn't thought of that. My dog is with me more than anyone else. Great tip!

The problem with me isn't things falling through the floor boards it is things getting under them from the sides. Without some spacing you can't get anything out. It's good to make sure the bottom frames are at least 2.75" tall also so empty beer cans will fit under the floor boards as well :)

Hey Robert, I have thought about cutting some heel holes, Ive got a pattern from one of the instruction books, dont remember which boat right now,.

The reason I thought about cutting them in was to get a little more knee/oar clearance, but I raised my oarlocks and used longer locks, and with my boots up against the back of the frt bench I`m pretty good right now. I might not cut them in.

Ha, heres that pattern, its from a Tatman. The cutout is round and squared, on the curved end to frt its 6", side to side its 6 1/4".


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