Friday Night before the McKenzie River Wooden Boat Festival

In the past when Randy Dersham and his wife owned the Eagle Rock Lodge we had a get together on the Friday night before the event. Now that the ownership has changed and I haven't heard anything from the new owners about a Friday night get together I am hoping we could arrange our own. My hope is to be in the area on Thursday afternoon. There have been several places that folks have camped over the years. I am wondering who is coming, when they will be there and if anyone local wants to snag and or select a site for a Friday night; Bring your own meat, cooking device, liquid refreshment etc?

Post your responses here and we can come to a group consensus and have a good time. It is not uncommon for folks to stay over on Saturday night. Perhaps we could use the same place for both nights.

Rick Newman

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That sure sounds like fun to me. If I was on your side of the country I would come and camp out. Sounds like the new lodge people need to get with the program!! Post lots of pics. Dorf and myself are starting annual wood boat outing here in Mich.this June at a campgound on a nice river. Do a boat show and a float and a big cookout after the float.

They are going to have the festival at the Lodge but no mention has been made of a get together on Friday which I normally hosted.


I wish I could say that I would be attending this weekends Wooden Boat Festival but I am ill and would not be able to enjoy the event in a manner that it deserves. So on to planning for next year! I hope all that attend have a great weekend!

Rick Newman

Bummer Rick, hope you get better soon. Looks like I am going to miss it as well, my Dad is having some surgery on Friday. Have fun everyone!


I hope your Dad comes through surgery okay. greg Hatten isn't going to be able to be there either.


Rick, sorry to hear that... get better...

Well I realized that my work schedule is not friendly to this event since I work Wed-Sat. Oh well maybe I will take a couple days off next year. In the meantime I will keep putting artistic scuffs on the bottom of my boat. Rocks seem to love her :s



What! No Rick, no Mike, no Greg? I might just stay home this go around too. 

I hope someone goes to take and post pics of the boats !!


Am I going to be standing there in the rain all alone?




I'm showing up, camping @ Delta or Lookout

Hey Robb, I will probably be there, i want to hear about your trip! Rick, I hope you feel better will be missed as well as Mike too,



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