With the Fall weather arriving this week and the smallmouth fishing starting to slow downI’m finally looking to getting started on some small projects I’ve been putting off.  I’m looking to start on refinishing both of the gunwales first. Looking at using some penetrating epoxy to help with the checking followed up with at least three coats of a quality varnish.  Any advice on this application or is their a better way to bring some new life into this project?

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Finally had some time to make it through the 80, 120, and 180 paper today.  I’m hoping to finish up with some 220 grit today.

You did a nice job of stripping the boat down, Derrick!  Looks like you have decent weather, too.

Do you use those side trays a lot? I have an old classic aluminum drifter...thinking of adding them. I use my side hatches in my dory all the time.

Hey Shawn I put side trays in my boat and wouldn’t do without them. They keep everything up off the floor and really clean up the boat. 

looks great Derrick!

The gear trays are definitely handy.  I can fit two 9ft rods with the reels facing towards the bow and some random gear.  It also helps when on the rare occasion I have three of us in the boat and we all lean to one side it’s definitely less noticeable because it keeps everyone from leaning so far out.

Excellent progress. Good job. 

I have to agree with both Guy and Shawn, nice job!

Rick Newman

Finally got some warm enough temps to finish off the 6 coats of varnish this week.


The only thing left on my list is some chine repairs on the very bottom that has been Line X ed over but I think I’m going to try and go 7 inches in from the sides and try and remove just enough of the liner and re roll 6 inches of fiberglass around the entire chine.  Any thoughts on reapplying some type of liner back on after the fiberglass work?  And should I just re apply the truck bed liner on just the part I removed or go ahead and apply to the entire bottom over the existing liner?  Any thoughts on diy liner brands.  Thank you for all of the advice on the epoxy and varnish project this Winter I’ve really learned a lot from everyone.

She looks lovely, Derrick.

I'd skip putting liner on the whole thing...IMHO adds unnecessary weight.

You'll want to roughen the existing liner pretty good so the new stuff will bond.

If the original coating was professionally done, maybe just get your repair done, have it prepped and masked, and have a local shop squirt the repaired section?

Final prep before some fiberglass repair after some low water the last three years.  I have a couple of low spots I’ve feathered out.  Is their any other tips before I lay down some glass?

same as the first time--wet the wood with unthickened epoxy, let it soak in, then glass it.

If you do multiple layers of glass, do the smallest piece last.  Seems counter-intuitive, but if you lay the biggest piece on the top of the patch, that's the one that gets sanded through first and you cut through all the longest, strongest fibers.  Put that on the bottom so they stay continuous and strong.

Thanks for the advice Shawn.  The fiberglass should be in the mail tomorrow.  Just have to let it sit for a couple of days and then get the bed liner sprayed on the repairs.  I’d love to remove all of the bed liner off at some point but after removeing just the chine and transom I don’t have the time to devote to it this year.  I definitely burned up a 60 grit flap disk on just what I removed today.  Thanks again for all of the help.


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