I would love to see pics of what you all have in your boat for rod storage. 

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You might check out the photo pages that illustrate boats from some of the Wooden Boat Festivals from several years ago. Check out the 11 albums attached to Rick Newman. I took a variety of pictures, I believe that there are several with rod holders. Check out Greg Hatten's boat I know for sure he has a good setup.


It’s not elegant, but it works for storing two extra rods out of the way, zip ties!  I snug the rods under each hand rail and just zip tie them into place.  They are secure and out of the way if I need them.

Thanks Gregg, Good idea

I've been thinking of adding a couple of lengths of 1 1/4" PVC and slipping the rods in there. 

It doesn’t really help if you’ve got a finished boat but when I first started building I pictured doing flats boat style rod tubes in the number 9 frame and tucking them up under the deck. I think it’d be possible with 1 inch tubing and a slightly wider frame/taper on that frame. If I build another boat I’ll probably do that

boulder boat works has a nice style, round holes  in a block for the handle ends and a piece that looks like waves curving around to hold the pole section. both attach to your ribs so you can set the placement to match the poles and boat.


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