So while we have been on these discussions regarding decked boats, I am wanting to see pictures of how everybody is transporting their spare oars.  While I am not opposed to cutting in a slot for this in my decking, I am hoping to see some other ways for carrying spares.

Got Pictures?

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Mark jones has a nice looking teak block mounted to his deck. Literally Looked like this... MM . The oar shafts sat in the notches. Think it might have had a strap or bungee too


Here are four pictures of how I carry my spare oar.  The round holder by the transom is a plastic downspout part.  I use a bunge cord to hold the oar in place when trailering.




Here's the fourth picture.



Is that a closet pole holder repurposed as a rod holder?

Rick N


It's a closet rod holder repurposed as an oar holder.  There is one on each side.  The oar blades lay against the ribs that support the fly deck.  This arrangement keeps the oars in the boat but out of the way when motoring in lakes or tide water.  Let me know if you would like a picture.


Thanks for sharing Bill! Very clever way to carry your spares. I'm still looking for some pics of this on decked boats as well. Especially since I have to carry 2 down the Grand.

Check out Robb Grubb's page. He has a decked dory that he carries two spares on and might have some pics.


Here are some shots of a modification I did this week on a decked Briggs. Starting tentitively, I cut into the deck until two oars fit nicely. Then I filleted in sides and a bottom to the slot and glassed her up. Inside the hatch I beefed up the deck support, as I had to cut through the main structure to install the slot. Seems plenty stout.

Mark it out conservatively with masking tape.

Cut it out. Those vibrating wonder tools are a real help in trimming the support members back.

Make sure the danged oars fit. I had to re-cut it several times until I was sure it was wide and deep enough.

First piece in was the bottom.

Then the sides. Once they were epoxied in place, I filleted and glassed them in.

A quick sanding and paint. Tomorrow I will pad the slot with SeaDek foam, same as covers the decks.

The oars are now well below interfering with oar strokes and plenty secure. And the slot is in such an awkward spot for hatch loading that it really takes up no useful space whatsoever. I recommend it.

Thanks Brad!  Now I have to decide when to bite the bullet and cut the slot in.  Not sure I will get it done before my early March Grand Launch, but definitely after.  Thanks for the step by step!


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