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I'm in. It looks like this has something to do with domain forwarding. My account is all paid up

Dorf emailed me a few days back and said he could not get on. Ive had this open in my browser for months so I`m still in, but Ive tried to go to the home page a few times in the last week or so and it says server not found and there is no connection.

I can go to the bloggs and photos, but I did post something a week or 2 back and it never showed up on here. My last post on the forum was on the 8th, so there has been a long dead stretch.

I just tried the home page again "server not found"

some links on the site refer to woodenboatpeople.com - DNS lookup fails for this. However, DNS lookups for westcoastwoodenboat.ning.com succeed. 

So if you change the shortcuts on your computer to westcoastwoodenboat.ning.com, you'll be able to access the site. 

if I go to the 'Home" button on the top left of this page, "server not found". When I put your link in, error 404 not found, so that didnt work either. I can still back button into this page, but I`m thinking others cant get in

When I put that link into a new browser window, same thing, 404 not found. I think there is a issue

I can only get on now by using this address



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