I had a trailer frame made at a local shop for my still new Wood River DB. The owner fitted the trailer with 1750 lb leaf springs. Wondering if I should swap those out for 1000 lb  springs. I will take this set up from NYS to Wisconsin and back, and also to Montana and back. Any input or experiences here I can benefit from? Thanks

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In my trailer hauling experience the closer the spring rate matches the load the less shock transmitted to the load. Here is a spring rate calculator that might help you modify your springs to work correctly. https://www.suspensionmaxx.com I found that link in a couple of minutes of searching. Perhaps there is also a website that will do a=exactly what you need.

Rick Newman

Thanks, and I just found Bennett posted on the same issue many months ago.

Yep, if you can find 750s I’d go with those. But 1000 lbers seem to work well

Go with the 1000 # springs. The heavier springs will beat the heck out of your DB. I used 1000# on my trailer an it rides very smooth behind the car.

Thanks everyone. I got a set of 1000 lb. springs that fit after quite a bit of searching. Looking forward to posting some reports once I get this rig on the road and the boat in the water. 


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