For the last several days, I've been having problems with this site - it won't load using Chrome on Windows 7 and it's painfully slow on my Mac. 

Are others having issues, or is it just my luck?

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Me too same issues. I use firefox,k windows7.Just now after a few days am I able to get on at all.(maybe)

None for me, on a work computer right now, no issues at home with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.

Based on the replies, I tried a tracert from my home. Here are the results:


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms ControlPanel.Home []
2 17 ms 17 ms 17 ms
3 18 ms 19 ms 18 ms [
4 20 ms 20 ms 27 ms [
5 39 ms * 39 ms
6 46 ms 47 ms 46 ms []
7 49 ms 65 ms 50 ms []
8 * * * Request timed out.
9 60 ms 54 ms 53 ms []
10 123 ms 248 ms *
11 53 ms 53 ms 53 ms []

Trace complete.

There's a suspiciously long hop returned from one of ning's own servers ( If anyone else is willing to try, I'd be interested in your results. 

I keep loosing the pages and getting a error page saying firefox cannot connect to the server. I also cant get a reply box with the top bar options to post any pics on my page. I do have that on this reply though. There is still something wrong. It takes really long for the page to load, which it may or may not. Ive reset my modem, router, comp, cleaned and defraged. All the other sites I use are working fine on my comp.

Seems to be working again

Ning is our website provider, part of a much, much larger company called Mode Media. So if Ning has an issue perhaps we may also have an issue. I wasn't online much yesterday so I didn't notice any problems. I am our volunteer web admin and can do a few things to at least report issues to Ning and check on things. Randy Dersham is the main guy and is currently out of contact on a river. I will do what I can to help out with my limited access. Keep me informed as you guys have done here.

Rick Newman

Rick - Thanks for jumping in. Check out - apparently they're not aware yet that there's  a problem. If someone could let them know, that would be great. I'm happy to provide more info, but I'm not able to post consistently. 

Maybe it is your guys computers. I have had no issues whatsoever.

testing, testing, testing.

Testing, Testing

I spoke too soon. Its "somewhat working" again. Its still really slow to load pages, often it will time out loading a page and I get a error page saying something like the connection was reset while loading....and a try again button. For a few days this past week I couldnt even get on let alone post. Now I can sneak in a post here and there. I think it needs more epoxy!!

i have alerted Ning networks. Let's see what they say.



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