For the last several days, I've been having problems with this site - it won't load using Chrome on Windows 7 and it's painfully slow on my Mac. 

Are others having issues, or is it just my luck?

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Maybe your computer needs some lubricant, perhaps half a bottle of cold beer poured in it will speed it up.


Do either Mike or David have a laptop or access to a computer at another location so you could discern whether or not the issue is with your networks or with you computers? Even if you could call someone up located elsewhere that could go the the Wooden Boat People site and see what is happening?


Hey Rick, how come you don't have a profile pic?

Ya Rick, whats up with that?

That was a good question, I don't know what happened to my picture. Fixed now.


A ping test to shows a 45% packet loss. As a comparison, a ping to Blogspot shows zero packet loss.

something must have got fixed, it seems to be working good again :)

David and I have been working with Ning. We haven't got a final report back, possibly tomorrow.


I sent ning a buttload of data - entire subnets at my ISP are affected. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.

David I will pass on information as soon as I can. I have a couple of appointments this AM.


I'm happy to report that ning's network engineers have resolved the issue causing slowness to my internet service provider - I can post again. 

I am glad to hear the news! You were very instrumental in getting it to work. I believe that without your ability to collect and convey the detailed information it may have taken much longer to get your service back.



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