Hello all, I want to make some new items for the boat I built from a pre-cut kit. The frames and floorboards are Alaskan Yellow Cedar. I would like to be careful and make sure anything I do fits in well without looking patched in. So, I wonder if anyone knows of an on-line source for AYC. Chesapeake Light Craft has some in one dimension only. Can anyone point me in a productive direction? Thanks

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I did a quick Google search and focused on Montana Suppliers as there used to be some there. Edensaw Woods was suggested, they are in Western Washington and have been in business for a long time. start there.

Google is your feind, ask about Alaskan Yellow Cedar suppliers.

Rick Newman


You don't say where you are located, but you may find that getting a hold of it is easier than you think. Here in eastern Idaho, it's available to be ordered from our local lumber yard.

You are right David and thank you for that. I'm in New York State.


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