Hello back again. The boat I will assemble is a 17x52 but not in a high side configuration. After helping a friend with some glass/epoxy work on his strip built row boat project, I plan to glass the outside side panels, and epoxy 22 oz triaxial glass on the bottom. On my friend''s project it took 5 coats to apply glass cloth on the outside and get a smooth finish so I anticipate the same. With epoxy for the side, to secure and fill the bottom, and apply two epoxy coats inside (any reason for more?), how much total epoxy in volume might I need? Using 2 to 1 Raka product so assume volume of mixed ready to apply product. Thanks for your input. JC

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Here is a method from Epoxyworks: https://epoxyworks.com/index.php/estimating-epoxy-amounts/

Basically you need to figure out how many cubic inches of epoxy is required. When you mix up epoxy you can also figure out the cubic inches for that piece and determine how much epoxy is needed for just that pour. I made up an index card with the amounts of part 1 and part 2 needed for a variety of sizes of boat pieces. then I was already when it came time to mix up a batch. It made life much easier. I used a digital gram scale.

Rick Newman

Thanks Rick, anything quantitative makes feel much more confident!

Then you should be very happy with this. Sometimes when I was pouring small quantities of epoxy, 20 or 30 grams for example it was easy to add a gram or two too much. Then I found it handy to have the corresponding amount of epoxy figured out so I could simply add the proper amount to keep it in ratio. Don't forget that the measurements for volume, ie, # of pumps, versus weight are different. Your epoxy brand should have that information. Instead of 2 to 1 it might be 2 to 1.44 check with them for exact info.

Rick N

You may want to re-evaluate the need for 22 oz triax. You will be using a lot of epoxy for just that. It is probably over kill not to mention costly. Consider 2 coats of 6 oz glass. Just a suggestion based on experience.
Thanks, I thought two layers of 10 oz, one at a 45 degree bias to the other might be easier for me to apply.

I use 20 oz. triax on the bottom of my boats and it takes a little over 1 gal of West resin using 207 hardener which is 3-1 ratio. 2-1 ratio epoxy will go a bit farther. Can't help you with the sides as I rarely glass the sides of boats with Meranti.


When I was building my boat, I was told that for 10 oz of cloth, I'd need 10 oz of resin. So if the bottom of a 16' boat uses 4 yards of 22 oz cloth - total 88 oz - I'd need 88 oz of resin+hardener. Hope that helps. 

This is the best advice. For a hand layup, you want a 1:1 ratio.
Weigh the glass you plan to layup.. add the same total weight of mixed resin. You won’t waste resin this way or buy too much or too little


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