Hello All:

This is Sandy at Montana Riverboats: http://montana-riverboats.com

I had an idea today--a change of plan plans you might say.
I'm going to give my electronic blueprints away for free.

For those previous customers who have already purchased a $25 login name (close to 2000 paper and then electronic logins over the past 20 years or so) I will still answer your email questions personally. Those customers bought a subscription to the online plans and that does come with some personal service.

But for everybody else there will be no more cost and no more login screen. You will be able to click through to see the online plans--any time you want, as much as you want. But I won't feel obligated to answer personal email about boat building questions either.

Good luck. Free is hard to argue with. My plans are for various stitch-and-glue techniques. They are do-it-yourself drift boats. Strong light durable and fast.  Good luck.

Colin (Sandy) Pittendrigh: >--o0O>

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Pretty cool idea! Now you might be free to travel the World and spread the gospel!

Rick Newman
This is very generous of you. I have not built any stitch and glue yet but this may get me to try.
Thanx from me and I am sure everyone here.

Is it the hassel or just moving on? Just curious.
RE> "Is it the hassel or just moving on? Just curious."

Yes and yes. The logins paid for the website and they bought me a new shop tool every once in a while.
But the pay rate isn't much. I'd rather give it away. Google ads pay for the website now anyway.
So the website will never go away. Theoretically I can now spend more time in my boat shop.
I want to build a one man boat this winter.
That's all I want to think about for a while.


Many thanks... I dropped by the old site and found a wealth of information. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us.

I certainly got my money's worth, thanks Sandy!
I was searching through the archives, and came across this old post.  I have stopped by the MR site many times to get ideas/advice/knowledge, but the plans don't seem to be free anymore....?
The MRBoats boat plans have been free for about a year now.  It took me that long to rewrite the software (the content management system) that publishes the website. And during that process there were too many bugs and broken links to charge for the plans.  But It's all up and running now.  And now I need a new camera. So I'm charging 25 bucks for access to three online plan sets again.  Still a bargain.  No one yet (not once) who has actually built one of those boats has given anything less than praise. :=))  Building from plans (not from a kit) has advantages. It puts you closer to the design process.  After one boat from plans, many new builders are ready to venture into designing their own.  That's the fun part.


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