McKenzie River Drift Boat Festival this weekend!!! yes it's on.

Sorry to be late with this announcement.  I've been in the Grand Canyon.

Yes, the show is on this Saturday at the same location at Eagle Rock Lodge on the McKenzie River. Address is 49198 McKenzie Hwy, Vida OR and the driveway is at milepost 34.5. 

Debbie and I have sold the lodge. The new owners have put a house in the field the was used for event parking.  So, parking will be very limited this year.  I'm asking people to float the river from Finn Rock to the lodge. The boat ramp is across the river on Quarts Creek road.  It takes about one hour to float to the lodge and today the water is in great shape.  If you cannot float your boat then please bring it to the lodge on Friday night or Saturday morning. We will have two tractors and need volunteers to help move boats to the lower lawn. 

The show is free of charge as always.  The McKenzie Guides will be selling a great lunch if you are interested and all proceeds go towards the McKenzie Guides/McKenzie Fire District PDF loaner program that loans lifejackets for a day to anyone that is using the river and needs one. 

There is not going to be a Friday evening dinner event.  

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I will be there! Do we float from the lodge to Ben and Kay Doris or pick our boats up from the lawn at the lodge?

We will not be able to pick up our boats on the lawns at the lodge. There are several boat ramps downstream depending on how long of a float you want to take.  Silver Creek is only .5 miles.

I wish I could be there. I have been "under the weather" and the weather is finally starting to lift. I look forward to a bunch a pictures and comments on the event. I mis you all!


Wish you could have been their Rick, it wasn't the same without you and you were missed along with Mike and year we will have to make up for it

Anyone have photos to post, or a quick report of how the McKenzie River Festival went this year?

I missed not being there.  

Anyone have pictures to share of the event?

I'll take a stab at it - for those who are travelling from a distance, there's a lot to see. First off, the west slope of the Cascades is almost a rain forest. There are first growth trees

and spring is in full bloom

and of course, boats to see.

This year's event was a bit quieter than last years, probably because of the change in ownership of the lodge - and a few of the more central folks weren't there for personal reasons. The highlights for me were meeting new folks and getting a chance to run the McKenzie river in a McKenzie boat. 


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