In spite of a fair amount of lame oarsmanship by her captain, the Julius once again survived Grand Canyon upright. Roger Fletcher, Andy Hutchinson, Dan Dierker and other friends conspired to build her ten years ago, and this is her fourth trip through Grand Canyon. To date she has not been knocked over or ge-busted. Pretty cool little boat in spite of the damned eight-foot oars and short rowing compartment. Of particular horror is my truly lame run in Bedrock--I thought for sure we were going left, until we didn't. Here is the blog post:

Julius jubilant

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Comment by Brad Dimock on May 5, 2012 at 2:56pm

The Bedrock run was scarier than the video appears. I was really close to a big wreck. From :25 to :35 I was trying desperately to get my angle back, to no avail. At about :40 - :42, I am pretty sure I am going left. Or broach and wrap. At :45 life is amazingly beautiful once again.

The whole scow proposition was so overwhelming I didn't really think very hard about Bedrock until about a day before we got to it. Then I realized it would be insane to try. If we'd had high water that day, however, it would have been easy. But no. It was not until a year or so later that I deciphered the Hyde photos and journal and realized they'd gone left at Bedrock, crashed, and had to portage out. Don't really know how they managed that extrication.

We had a lot of second thoughts before we ever launched, and every waking minute thereafter. It was truly the most miserable, terrifying trip I've ever done, and by far the stupidest thing I ever attempted. So far...

Comment by lhedrick on May 5, 2012 at 2:39pm

I watched the video and it looks like you made it by a mile.

Now something I would really like to know. Having just finished your book about Glen and Bessie, tell me something.  When you pushed off from Lee's did you really think you had a chance to move that 2000 pound scow to the right side of Bed Rock?

Having rowed down the canyon over 100 times, and after getting past House Rock did you have second thoughts.

My hat is off to you, your wife, Glen and Bessie.  Glad you made it home safe and don't do it again.

Comment by Randy Dersham on May 3, 2012 at 6:16pm

Very nice Brad.  I love the videos.  You look pretty smooth. 

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