Too many days to count. Still at home, staying inside, sheltering in place. Anybody getting out anywhere?

Rick N

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The round holes are for the holddowns - they are scattered on the bench top and sides, anywhere they might come in handy - the square holes are for wooden bench dogs

and they're lined up with the tail vise. 

 Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t seen that done before. 

The Coweemen is a small River just north of the Kalama and South a little ways from the Cowlitz. There are not many places you can fish it from and it is not a drift boat river. In the last 40 years that I have fished it I have seen one drift boat on it. And they were not fishing, a guy and a gal, if you know what I mean. I saw them, they didn't see me.

I have run across a couple of similar situations, no boats were involved. They were surprising sights!

Rick N

I found the Coweemen, I had no idea that it was there. I will have to check it out some day.


That's hilarious.

Saw similar one time quietly kayaking the Bitterroot river.

On the lower McKenzie River, just out of Eugene and close to the University of Oregon, is a huge basalt rock face that inclines gently to the river's edge.  We call it Sorority Rock because traditionally when we first get some prolonged stretches of warm sun, young female U of O students flock there to sun bathe in varying states of dress/undress.  It is about the time of the year that the McKenzie Green Caddis hatch is going on, so this can be quite a drift.

Hey Rick,

Just saw this. A month+ after, we're still dealing with it. But it's for the best. Tennessee is beginning to open up, but personally, still being cautious. Sister-in-law caught it. Hard. Not a good thing, but she recovered and is fine now.

I feel your issues, a buddy of mine and I usually teach fly fishing at TOY (Teach Our Youth) and Outdoor Women, both have been canceled. Really enjoy those. Hopefully next year!

The Smokies have begun to open, but a 4 hr drive is a ways to go. The Caney fork is fishing, but if you're drifting or wading you need to get there at sunrise to beat the "kayak and canoe hatches". Sad to say it used to be a "trophy river" strict regs on catch and release. It's become a "recreational" river. With very few regs on the rental operations. Went from one to four operations in the last five years. I've personally been run over 3 times by canoes and a kayak while wading. Ok, enough griping... We are through our organizations trying to work out a compromise. Just miss my old river. Things change...

I've had labs the least 10 years. They are awesome! My newest buddy after the passing of my last, is a piece of work. He's a golden. Half lab/half golden retriever. Incredible buddy, heck of a watch dog, but 85 lbs of water paranoia. "Don't make me walk in that puddle!" Webbed feet that would make a duck jealous, but water not his thing....Trust me I've tried! But he's a good one. A more loving breed you won't find, that's ok by me, we all have our issues. Haha!

I'm really glad I have the boat restoration project right now. Gives me something else to do. She flips this week and the new bottom begins. Thanks for your advice. Tight lines!


lots of questions on that lab/golden, is it still a pup? My golden and my buddies lab took a longer while to acclimate but now theyre more at home in a puddle than on the couch.

The lab is my wife's yellow lab guide dog. Straight from Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California where they breed them. Azure is about fivr years old if I remember correctly. She was born at the Guide Dogs facility, then raised by "Puppy Raisers" until 18 months old. Then my wife flew to California and spent two weeks getting trained and meeting and greeting Azure who has been a wonderfully behaved and docile dog that we love.

My son recently returned home and brought his rescued pit bull with him. They get along fine, basically ignoring each other. Jazz, the black lab and Damon the pit bull love to wrestle and play

tearing apart toys and running around.When they get done they too will lay down next to each other and sleep.


What I did over quarantine

Lucked into a free motor from a guy who thought the choke plate was screwed and the starter didnt work.  Choke wouldn't quite open up right but a few minutes with a screwdriver and she was good to go.  A few weeks later finally connected the e start wires to my truck battery and wouldn't you know it cranked right up! Thanks stranger for a free 1k dollar motor

Went up and did a death march fish through a 4 mile gorge to remind myself why I built a boat to fish out of

caught some fish

And my buddy was kind enough to lend me a jon boat hull he's had in the way for a while

Its been the best way to stay sane in these trying times, Clearly the dog agrees

Cant beat a free boat and motor


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