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Edith rocks and rolls

Edith had her debutante party today. She's way fast, and very easy to right. Let's hope I get to do lots of the former and not too much of the latter.



Here's a video:



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Down to details

Other than putting her name on her bow, Edith is pretty much done as of midnight tonight. Although there are a few days of tinkering and accessorizing left, Edith really came together this afternoon/evening. Pretty exciting. I'll fiddle around with her tomorrow and Sunday we will take her out to the lake for the big experiment. Does she really float? Will she stay right-side-up? I'll let you know. Anyhow, here she is. Lots more pictures and stories at…


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I screwed Edith's decks on today. She really looks a lot like old Julius, with one big difference: a foot-and-a-half longer and nearly a foot narrower. Hugely significant numbers. It makes me realize how much Holmstrom was looking at the Galloway boats for inspiration and the Oregon boats for common sense and stability. Buzz really was a genius.



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