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Just a few more details...

The Euphrates is looking a lot like a dory now. Ash gunwales on, decks framed and covered. We have a fair amount of glass work yet to do as well as the hatch lids, latches, and oarlocks. Trimming the bowpost and transom, rounding and oiling the gunwales... Little details that take up big time. We're starting the next boat in the far side of the shop so we can be working on one while the WEST is kicking on the other.…


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Mass scarfing jig

This is the simplest scarfing jig we've come up with so far. A piece of melamine with a slot in it, set on a stack of staggered Meranti plywood. 10 scarf joints in about as many minutes. A little belt sanding cleaned up the rough edges. This pile of wood is for the sides of two more Briggsian dories which are in line after the Euphrates is out the door.

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A bit about the Euphrates

This boat is for Dan (Dierker), my very good friend. He ran dories for Martin and later for OARS, after OARS bought Grand Canyon Dories. We both work for Arizona Raft Adventures (AzRA), as does Dennis, who is in on this project and next in line for a similar boat. AzRA runs dories now and then, so we hope to be floating both of these and my 1972 Briggs on an August trip. Dan is following the old Martin Litton tradition of naming it after a place that's been buggered up--in this case the… Continue

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Right Gunwale

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Framing in the deck.

Floor ribs removed in front and rear cross-hatches for ease of packing commercial trips.

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Dropping in ribs with bulkheads

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Rolling her over

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Epoxying the foam floor to the sides. Temporary ribs in place.

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Semi-traditional Briggs boat project.

My buddies Dan, Dennis, and I are building a couple semi-traditional Briggsian dories for a Grand Canyon trip in August. Traditional--in that they'll have wood sides, Port Orford Cedar ribs, etc; Semi--in that they'll have foam floors and radiused fiberglass chines. Here's a couple shots of the last few weeks.

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The hull is primed

Added by Kelly Neu on February 23, 2010 at 12:47am — 2 Comments

The deck is painted

Its a pretty wild color... yellow. Sunglasses mandatory.

Added by Kelly Neu on February 18, 2010 at 11:00pm — 4 Comments

One Year In

I've been at this boat for one year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into it has been a lot of fun

. Its getting close, I've just got alot of fiber glassing and some painting. Take a look.

Jimmy …


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The deck is Primed

The deck primer coat has been laid down.

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Thanks for taking us along!

Tom, thanks for the photos! I continue to enjoy your photos and the sharing of the story of GEM 1. Your boat looks great and the photo of when you were smiling after an hour on the water said it all! Keep up the good work.

Rick Newman

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